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History & Hickory

Scotland Origin of Golf

People discovered the game of Golf in the mid-15th Century on the southeast coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife - in this region is St Andrews, today the famous town for this sport. Although it should have been played similar games before in Holland and Belgium, in Scottland the ball was played for the first time in holes. For this reason, we can say that golf was invented, respectively completed in Scotland.

The beginning was primitive

The bats were made of simple sticks and balls were pebbles from the beach. Natural paths through the dunes were used as courses. The Old Course of St. Andrews, the most famous golf course in the world, has been formed in this way. The place was not architecturally "designed", but characterized by the features and characteristics of nature and the soil. St. Andrews is now the home of golf and for modern golfers almost become a sort of Mecca. Nevertheless, the Old Course was not the first golf course. That honor belongs to "Golfers of Leith," near Edinburgh, where not only the first place, but also the first golf club was founded.

The First Club and their Members

"The Gentleman Golfers of Leith" was the first club of golfer in 1744 and the wrote the first rules of golf in stone. Most of the rules that were set in Leith, are still the basis of the almost sacred rule book. Sun Golf was called "The Gentleman's Game". Because of his beautiful 18-hole course, which is now the standard for the exact same number of holes for a regular golf course, the extension and publication of the Rules of Golf and the royal connections, the Golf Club St. Andrews was honored in 1834 with the title "Royal and Ancient". "The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews" is now the official residence and the decisive location of the sport.


Equipment of the early times

The clubs, which at that time were "up to date" have been made of the very hard wood, "Hickory" and "Persimmon". This wood came from the United States. The club had to be handmade and were therefore very expensive. These clubs were called "Niblick" Jigger, Spoon or "Mashie" The balls were made of compressed feathers inside, outside, they were wrapped in stitched horse hide. Balls were called back then "Gutta Percha" Bramble or "Feat Herie".